Monday, August 10, 2009

Open Mic Night at the Foxes

Cade starts kindergarten on Wednesday, so I've been using the bedtime/tuck-in time these past few weeks as an opportunity to really talk up kindergarten. Cade likes to ask lots of questions about what he will do there, how the day will go, who will be there, etc., etc.

Apparently, tonight Drew finally had it with the kindergarten talk. He informed us that we would no longer be discussing kindergarten and tonight's topic would be "Dinosaurs". To that end, he submitted the following questions:

  • Why is a Stegosaurus so small compared to the other dinosaurs?
  • Why is an Allosaurus so big?
  • Why does a Brontosaurus have such a long neck but such a small head?
  • Do plant eaters have teeth?
  • Why do Troodons live on the other side of the sea from the other dinosaurs?
He also surmised that a Tyrannosaurus Rex tooth is about the size of a banana, in case you were wondering.

Take THAT, kindergarten!

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