Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Poor Drewbie

As a middle child, Drew frequently gets the shaft. Two examples from the past week:

Aaron took the boys to the park, where he and Cade proceeded to run ahead along a little trail. Drew, unable to keep up, literally dropped to the ground, curled up in a ball, and said sadly, "Oh...I'm a Lost Boy." He IS on a Peter Pan kick right now, but still...Aaron said it was pretty heartbreaking.

And the second example - Conversation overheard while getting ready for the day this morning:

Aaron: Hey guys, let's get ready! Cade, put your school clothes on - you're going to school. We need to hurry - Mommy has a meeting and she's taking Josh with her.

Drew: Where am I going?

Aaron: Uh...to the meeting with mommy, I guess.

Cade (to Drew, while pointing his finger in Drew's face and gritting his teeth): Yeah. And DON'T SAY A WORD while you're there.

Just so you don't feel too bad for him, he was actually getting dropped at a birthday party, not going to the meeting.

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