Sunday, October 26, 2008

Boob Men

Still not finding a lot of time to post these days - baby is keeping us hopping. But I couldn't resist jumping on real quick to share this gem of a story...

We had a Halloween party this past Friday night and as of Friday morning, there were still components of costumes that needed to be purchased. Lucky for me, the big boys are home from school on Fridays so I got to take all three boys to Wal-Mart!!! In the rain!!! I've posted before about how much FUN it is to run errands in the rain. And yep - it's still this fun! But anyway...

The trip to Wal-Mart was actually going pretty well. The big boys were on their best behavior until we walked past the socks and underwear department, specifically, past the bras.

"BOOBS!", Cade shouted - laughing and pointing. This prompted Drew to crack up and scream, "HA! Boobs!!!" and laugh and point as well. Then, being the clever AND musically inclined children that they are, they proceeded to make up a song entirely composed of the word "boobs" and sing it at the top of their lungs while I quickly tried to steer us away from the source of their inspiration. A fellow shopper noticed me shushing them and rushing away, head down, and commented, "Wow. Three boys! Lucky you!"

Lucky me, indeed.

Note: Lest you think that it is age inappropriate that my three- and four-year old boys know about boobs, I just want to assure you that their boob education comes from the fact that I nurse their brother, not that I let them watch porn.

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Kitty said...

My cousin and his wife have 2 boys. When they were in elementary school, they (the sons) noticed that their mother matched her bra to her underware. They could not seem to let this concept go. They felt like it was a waste of time. Her youngest even thought the matter was so interesting, he shared it with his whole class! My cousin's wife was the art teacher at the school - heeheehee. There are just somethings men will never understand.