Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Swiffer People Think I'm Stupid

I have written before about how motherhood is making me an idiot. Unfortunately, I can't remember where or I would link it. But yesterday I reached a new low.

A commercial came on for the Swiffer mop. Clearly targeted towards my demographic, the commercial featured a mom-ish looking woman about my age. In fact, I think I may actually own the outfit she was wearing. But I digress.

The commercial was talking about how the Swiffer mop was so great that this mom was finally ready to leave her old mop. Just then, her doorbell rang and there was a flower delivery man at the door bearing flowers for her. From her old mop. Which was peeking out from behind a tree. The mom rolled her eyes and shut the door.

And I laughed. Out loud. For several minutes.

Really?! Has my sense of humor finally eroded to the point where I find a mop sending flowers so funny that I laugh out loud?

But I gotta say, were I not so loyal to my Clorox mop, I would dump it for a Swiffer just because their marketing people obviously have some uncanny glimpse into my psyche....


Stimey said...

I loved reading this. I have laughed equally hard at equally ridiculous things.

Linda said...

OMG....you are the biggest goober EVER. :-) But I laughed out loud at this post too. so I guess if I saw the commercial I would be equally as lame as you are. I would never leave my Libman mop.

pollyandaleczmom said...

Hysterical. Absolutely hysterical. Both the commercial and the laughing on your part.
I have just finished scrubbing my house from top to bottom. However, I used my old mop... perhaps I will run out and buy a new Swiffer tonight!!

Bubbe said...

DO NOT leave your current Clorox mop for the Swiffer one. We are on #3 - the handle breaks. We keep buying the mop - which continues to break in the same place - in order to use up all the Swiffer products we've bought at COSTCO (such a deal!). DO NOT let Aaron read this post - you know how he ridicules about our COSTCO addiction!