Sunday, September 14, 2008

Introducing Baby Josh

Since Baby Josh hasn't gotten much publicity on this blog, I thought I'd take a minute to introduce you to him. Yes, I already introduced him by name. But now that he has been here with us for a few weeks, we're starting to get to know what his personality is like. Just thought we'd share with you...

Joshie is an old soul. Life is very serious when you're only seven weeks old, you know. There's not much to smile about, especially when you fear for your life on a daily basis because your two older brothers cavort about your personal space like a bunch of mentally ill chimpanzees. As I've mentioned in other posts, poor Josh is having some reflux issues which, for awhile, caused him to scream for about 23 hours out of each day. That also did not leave a lot of time for smiling.

Thankfully, we've made progress in resolving (or at least reducing) those problems and he is a MUCH happier boy now. We've broken him down and the craziness of our family has finally cracked his serious facade somewhat. He smiled (in a non gas-related manner) for the first time last week! This was, of course, the highlight of our year. There is nothing more precious than a toothless baby grin, especially when directed in your general vicinity.

His favorite activities include:

  • Staring impassively into space. If I try to coo at or talk silly baby talk to him, he stares sternly back at me with a look that says, "I'm a baby, not an idiot, you blithering dolt."
  • Reading a family favorite - Friends of All Sizes - with his dad. It is the Fox Family tradition that introduction to literacy begins with this six-page, cloth-covered tome.
  • Watching his brothers in a disapproving manner. Sometimes their idiocy gets the best of him and he cracks a smile.
  • Taking a bath. Preferably without the "help" of his brothers.
  • Watching the Glo-Worm "video" crib toy in his crib. This scrolling Glo-Worm screen with music was one of Cade's favorite toys and he generously released it to Josh for his temporary use.
  • Eating. Definitely a boob man.
  • Staying up late. He typically does not retire for the night before 1 am.
  • Being held by anyone who will hold him. This is his activity of choice.

More on Josh later as his personality continues to evolve!
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