Saturday, December 8, 2007

Who Needs a Woman When You Have Mom?

It never ceases to amaze me how my children are at the opposite ends of the cleanliness spectrum. Cade wigs out of his hands are dirty, if there's junk on his face, or if his clothes are stained/torn/wet/fill in the blank. Drew, on the other hand, STILL drools enough to float a battleship at age 2 1/2 so his shirts are ALWAYS soaked, his face is always dirty, and his resistance to cleansing is so great that usually he either has eye booger, a snotty nose, or sticking up hair. I fear that he will be THAT kid in elementary school. You know - the one no one wants to sit next to because his nose is always running and his lunch is on his face.

Case in point: last night's dinner. Each boy ate the same exact meal - lasagna and a caesar salad. Cade escaped with just a few flecks of parmesan cheese on his sleeves, from when he spilled it on the table and then leaned into it. Drew - covered from head to toe in lasagna. We're talking face, hands, shirt, eyelashes, hair, EVERYWHERE. I stripped him down, gave him a mini bath at the table with 15 wet paper towels, and shook my head and said, "Drew - you're never gonna get a woman someday if you don't clean yourself up". Aaron laughed and said, "Yeah Drewbie - don't you ever want to find a woman?" Drew's response: "How about a truck instead?"

Cade, who overheard this conversation, came running back to sit in my lap and said, "I already have a woman, Daddy! It's Mommy!"

Boys DO love their moms. Deep, deep down inside.

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