Monday, July 20, 2009

Reliving My Childhood

Yesterday I was coloring/drawing with the boys when Drew shoved a blank piece of paper at me and instructed me to "write my childhood". Huh?

"What does that mean?", I asked him.

"You know, your childhood. Write it. Here's mine." (shows me a rather large piece of paper filled with his signature rows and row and rows of neatly scrawled letters and numbers, frankly a little reminiscent of "A Beautiful Mind")

"Look! Here's Daddy's - I already wrote it! His goes "A-M-A-N.", Drew announced.

"Uh, ok. Umm. Mommy's not sure what you mean by 'writing my childhood'. Cade? What does that mean? Did you write your childhood?", I asked Cade. To which he responded,

"No. I can't remember mine."

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