Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cade's Family Planning

Fairly certain (completely certain, from Aaron's perspective) that our family is complete, we have been on a baby gear purging rampage this week. We've made everal trips to Goodwill and bid adieu to the high chair, Jumperoo, and a big bag of maternity clothes. The Exersaucer is waiting its turn for dropoff tomorrow, and Cade noticed it in the van this morning.

Mommy, what's the Exersaucer doing in here?

Well, Cade, Joshie is done with it so we're going to take it some place where other children can use it.

Cade: Why don't you just put it back in the closet?

Well, because we're not having any more babies in our family so we don't need it.

Cade: Why?

Me: Well, because Mommy and Daddy feel so lucky and blessed to have our three, beautiful healthy boys. We think our family is just the right size and we don't need any more babies.

Cade (outraged):
MOMMY! How can you even wish that! Every day is a chance for a new baby!

Me (taken aback by his reaction and actually alarmed at the legitimacy of his claims):
Uh, well Cade, um, we're out of room for new babies in our house. We can't just keep having more babies - we don't have anywhere for them to sleep.

Well, Joshie can move onto the air mattress and the new baby can sleep in his crib.

Me (laughing):
Oh, really? And where would the new baby after that sleep?

There won't be any more new babies after that. There's only one more.

Eerily, this conversation reminded me of when Aaron and I were in college and he gave me a trip to the psychic one year for my birthday. I think that was the year after he gave me a WonderBra - he's an awesome gift giver like that.

Anyway, the psychic assured us that we would get married and we would both live long, happy lives, with one point of concern - I would have 2 children and he would have 4. I've spent all these years wondering where the hell those other two kids are that he fathered before he met me. But now that I've got 3 kids, I'm wondering if her vision was a little cloudy...

God help us all.


Kim Moldofsky said...

Love your son's reaction. Very cute!

Tse Family said...

Hi Cara! I followed your link on fb. After 1, we always said we wanted 4...then we had 3, moved to Belgium when they were 4 1/2 y, 2 1/2 y and 3 m, Daddy started traveling every week and I no longer had the escape of work...we started getting rid of all things baby last year. Our oldest still asks for a new baby, but he doesn't realize how close Mommy was to checking into a padded room a year or so ago.
Blogging is my therapy and reading others is my addiction. I'll be back to visit! Thanks for sharing.

Jen said...

Loving this post. Cade is hilarious!

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