Thursday, April 23, 2009

Red letter day in the Fox household - Josh is finally starting to crawl (well, OK - scoot, and backwards and that) and Cade and Drew invented a new game called "Flurb".

How does one play "Flurb", you might ask? Well, it involves highjacking the new plunger that your mother bought to unstop the kitchen sink and suction cupping it all over the floor and screaming "Flurb!" every time the seal pops and you lift it off the floor. Once you have mastered these basic flurbing skills, you can move onto more advanced ones such as Flurb Racing (stick and unstick the plunger all the way across the room to a designated finish point so you can "win the race") or Flurb Reaching (suction the plunger to the refrigerator and pantry doors, jerking them open from afar by yanking on the plunger handle).

Never let it be said that my children aren't weird, er...I mean, creative.