Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cade Does Laundry

Earlier today we came upstairs to hear Cade crying hysterically. Why? Well, he climbed into the laundry hamper. Unfortunately, Drew then proceeded to tip it over and run away. It landed with the opening flat against the nightstand, trapping Cade in the hamper. Stellar parents that we are, we started cracking up so bad when we saw him that neither one of us bothered to help him. The visual picture was so priceless that as he was screaming, I shouted to Aaron, "Wait! Let me take a picture first - this is totally blog-worthy!" And the story really is much, much funnier with the visual. But in the end it seemed as though we should free him sooner rather than later, so I missed the photo-op.

I'm hoping that this will teach him a lesson and prevent him from continuing his habit of climbing into empty giant Rubbermaid storage containers. On the inside covers of said containers, there is a picture of a child climbing into them with a giant "NO" circle across the child. This is to prevent suffocation. Other children might be deterred by this, but my children simply use it as a idea springboard for this and other equally ridiculous and dangerous activities.

On the bright side, at least the laundry hamper had air holes.