Monday, December 15, 2008

Just Another Day in the Life....

Every once in awhile, the absurdity of my life really strikes me. Life today, for example.

Josh is teething and is a little fussy, so I've been wearing him the Baby Bjorn carrier pretty much all the time lately.

Drew is recovering from an ear infection so he is on antibiotics, which he HATES to take.

Cade's latest electronic obsession is disposable cameras. Every time he cajoles me into getting him one, he takes all 24 pictures in about 2.5 seconds and then refuses to get them developed because he doesn't want the lady at the drugstore to dismantle the body of the camera - he wants to keep it. So he just keeps taking fake pictures and watching the flash go off until inevitably, the battery dies. Then he places the dead camera in a giant Ziploc bag camera grave with the others that have gone before it. But recently he figured out that if you remove part of the cardboard covering, you can actually put a new battery in and bring the camera with all the film that is used up, but not developed, back to life!

Normally, none of these things would be related. Except for this morning when I found myself on my hands and knees, wearing Josh in the Bjron, pinning Drew to the floor to administer medication, and shouting, "Cade! Stop taking Mommy's Christmas gift batteries for your dead cameras!"

And I have to ask myself, once again, "Is this really my life?"

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Baby Bunching said...

holy crap! that kid is smart.