Thursday, December 4, 2008

Josh in Action

Life has been pretty hectic lately. Fabulous, but hectic. It appears that I had forgotten how much work is entailed in having a baby in the house. It also turns out that having three children is twice as difficult as having two, not merely the 1.5 times as difficult I was expecting. But we're finally starting to get settled into thing, for real this time (I think I said that a few months ago). Josh is settling into a decent sleep schedule instead of screaming intermittently all day and then pretty much from 5 to 11 pm continuously. Mercifully, we've discovered his "off" switch - snuggling him up against a soft, fluffy blanket with a lamb head that Aaron's mom sent for Cade. Neither of the other boys really took to "Lamby" (Cade was already smitten with "Lovey" - I'm not sure what it is with my kids and blankets that have animal heads), but give Josh the lamb and a pacifier and he's good. Even better, he's finally reached the stage where when the pacifier falls out, he can find his thumb. Baby able to suck thumb=more uninterrupted sleep for mom and dad.

Our video camera conked out on us about a month ago and we are using an old-school one that doesn't allow us to get videos online. But I took this using my new Crackberry (LOVE IT!) and thought I would make my first attempt at getting video on the blog so everyone can see how big Joshie is getting! Apologies in advance that it is a little grainy and also a little too long for anyone except the grandparents to see through to the end. In case you're wondering, he DOES roll over before it finishes. Now for the show - fingers crossed that when you click on it, it actually plays...

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