Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Are Cade, Drew, and Josh Up To Now?

These are busy, busy boys. Funny stories from this week:

Cade has a new trick where he launches onto the sofa and stands on his head on the sofa, bracing his feet on the wall (thanks, Little Gym!). We basically yell at him 15 times a day NOT to do this, but he keeps "forgetting". Aaron reported the following conversation today.
Aaron: CADE! Why do you insist on doing that all the time?!?!
Cade: Because I'm a jackass!
Oops. Not sure where he picked this up. And I'm really not sure. That's one word that isn't in my potty mouth repertoire....

And while getting ready for bed one night....
Me: Drew - come here so mommy can put your jammies on.
Drew: Ok, mommy. I know no one wants to see my butt crack.

And last but not least, Baby J. Before he was born, we heard from so many friends and family about the laid-back, go-with-the-flow, sleep anywhere/anytime temperament of third babies. Well, apparently he didn't get that memo and not only that, he thinks he is an only child. He prefers to be held - all the time. Actually, this makes for not such a funny story by 1 am each night...

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