Monday, August 25, 2008

Boys and Their Toys, Part II

I am not a fan of teeny tiny plastic toys. Especially those with a million movable parts. Perhaps because toys fitting this description seem to be primarily targeted towards boys. As a girl growing up in the pre-Polly pocket days, I was successfully able to these tiny critters, such as army guys, Star Wars guys and their battleships, and the most evil of tiny toys with movable parts - Transformers.

Yesterday, we received our first Transformer as a gift. The boys, who know nothing about Transformers, were inherently drawn to the package. The begged me to open it, surveyed the jet-looking toy before them and asked, "Does it turn into something else?" Seriously?! Do guys have a sixth sense about this stuff or what?

Using the handy accompanying 45-step, poorly illustrated instruction booklet, I was able to make exactly zero progress after a good 20 minutes of trying to turn the Transformer from a rocket/jet type thing into a robot. Cade finally got impatient and snatched it out of my hand and in three swift moves, actually made it resemble the Decepticon on the package.

Drew wanted it to go back to a jet, but Cade couldn't figure that out. I tried to, but I accidentally ripped his arm off (the Transformer's, not Drew's). When I told the boys I couldn't figure out how to get it back on and we would have to wait for Daddy to get home, Cade replied, "I know just what we need to fix it! A soldering iron!"

Spoken like a true guy.


Stimey said...

Transformers are the thing. All boys love them. I absolutely cannot make them do anything resembling transforming. Optimus Prime is especially difficult for me.

Bubbe said...

Soldering iron?? Oh, no. This reminds me of when Aaron tried to ship a d*amned BLOWTORCH through the mail to Norbert!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully, Cade will forget about the attractions of fire producing tools....