Friday, June 6, 2008

A Mommy Moment...Or 15 Hours of Them

I was so proud of us this morning - we were out the door at 9 am and on a roll. By noon, we had hit the pediatrician's office (Drew tripped over the rug in our living room and gave himself his second head injury of the week), the haircut place, the dreaded post office, and ToysRUs for a new baby pool.

That pretty much pushed everyone to the limit, so we dashed home where I rushed around to get lunch ready. During which time Cade says to me, "Mommy! Why do you have a lollipop on your bum?" I turn around and sure enough, there is a blue sucker stuck to my rear end. I said, "Oh my gosh, Cade! You're right! How long has that been there?" His response: "For 15 hours."

And he's right. We got lollipops at the haircut place. Stop #2 this morning.

I am officially a cliche. The pregnant woman in line at the post office with her screaming brats and a lollipop stuck to her ass - how sad.


Linda said...

OMG....I'm dying. That's so funny. Not for you, though.

Goopy said...

The visual image of this is too perfect.

Bubbe said...

I hope the blue sucker color coordinated with your outfit!