Saturday, May 17, 2008

Life After Graduation...

is rougher than we thought it would be. My oldest child (i.e. the one I married) continues to give me a run for my money. Yesterday Aaron spent the whole day with a hangover because he was out drinking and playing video games at Dave and Busters until all hours with school friends. On the bright side, he amassed over 800 points when his friends gave him all their tickets and he was able to win a giant Sponge Bob Square Pants stuffed animal for the boys. It took Aaron and me 3 years to aquire enough points to get a similar sized Big Bird toy for Cade right before he was born.

He finally started to feel better around 5 pm, but then made himself sick to his stomach playing his new Call of Duty 4 XBox game. It turns out that war games are really only fun if you know how to work the controls and properly pivot and run simultaneously. Otherwise, your character runs into a lot of walls and it makes you really motion sick.

Fortunately, he was able to rally to stay up until all hours again watching the Jazz in the playoffs -the game started at 10:30 our time. He is no doubt relieved that they lost and are out of the playoffs so he can go back to hitting the sack at a normal hour.

Poor (31 year old) baby.

This morning he was up bright and early (10:30 am) and is now doing some project out in the garage that involves sawing the edge of a piece of wood that is dangerously close to his own thumb. I'm not complaining since he has the little boys out there with him and they are playing spaceship. This means that I am free to roam the house doing chores in peace and quiet and they will be available to run for a towel and call 911 when he saws his freaking hand off.

Is this really my life?

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Stimey said...

I love this post. If you changed a couple small details, you could be talking about my husband.