Monday, May 19, 2008

In Case You Can't Get Enough of Cara...

While few of you ever comment on this site, I am developing a decent readership given that this blog was developed for family and friends. There are over 2000 of you now that have checked in at least once, but don't worry - my stupid blog counter isn't working right so I can't get into the analytics to see who you are or how often you read. So useful. I am hoping that my fans are made up of actual family and friends and not 2000 child molesters hoping to get a bathtime shot of my kids.

For those of you that don't know, I also blog for Atlanta Parent Online, where I believe I have a following of approximately 2 people, mostly due to the fact that I don't think the blog is very well publicized or maintained. I've emailed them several times and asked them to update my profile and my counter so I can see actual readership, to no avail. However, now that I've posted about it here, maybe some of you will read and tell your friends (I can dream, right?), so I guess I better slap a post up there tomorrow.

Recently I have been invited (after borderline harassment of the site's founders) to blog for Deep South Moms, which has sister sites in Silicon Valley, DC, Chicago, New York, and a whole bunch of other cities I can't remember right now. This super-cool regional forum has guest bloggers such as Katie Couric, so I am pretty excited to be allowed to post my ramblings there - hopefully they won't kick me off.

All of this started as an effort to keep family posted on the antics of Cade and Drew, but has now evolved into a secondary mission of a way to help develop some sort of a virtual following/platform for a book I am writing with a good friend who also has children close together. Our book proposal is now sitting on the desks of 17 editors (5 rejections so far), so say a little prayer for us that Baby Bunching (check out the super cool post my co-author wrote for the Washington Post parenting blog) suddenly becomes of compelling interest to the middle aged men in publishing that make decisions about what the rest of us will read.

In the meantime, keep reading and tell your friends to read too!


Goopy said...

I don't answer back because I believe I have instructions not to.


adriane said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I feel your pain. I'm pretty sure that my AP blog is read by a few members of my family (probably retired ones) and maybe by the potential employers who I refer to the site to see my writing style when I'm trying to get freelance writing jobs. Eh.

I read your blogs though, and I enjoy them!