Saturday, October 6, 2007

Cade and Drew Isms

This one's for the grandparents. A summary of funny things the boys have said this week:

Drew: "Mommy! I can't open the gape!" (gate)

Drew: "Mommy! Your shirt is wipe!" (white). See a pattern here????

While playing trains on the floor:
Cade: "Drew! I'm driving the train to Bubbe's house."
Drew: "Okay! I will pick up Goopy there, OK?"

Aaron: "Bye, Drewbie, Daddy's leaving for school. Can I kiss you goodbye?"
Drew: "Yeah. Can you kiss Ninny goodbye too?" (Ninny is our babysitter)

While reading Where the Wild Things Are:
Drew: "Is Max in time out?"
Drew: "There's the Mommy Monster!" (pointing to a wild thing with a haircut startlingly similar to mine)

Cade: "I need a new DustBuster, I think". (as if 6 of them isn't enough...)

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