Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Best of Buds

So the nonstop chaos we have endured over the past three years as a result of having our kids so close together is finally starting to pay off. Cade and Drew are the best of friends. Not that they don't ever fight, but it is fairly infrequent given that they are both toddlers in the "mine" stage.

In fact, they are such good friends that after an entire summer of pretty much only playing with each other while we were traveling, I am having to recondition them to play with their other friends. Cade's poor little friend Polly, one of his favorites pre-summer vacation, has had her hugs rebuffed the last three times they have played together. It's a good thing that the social calendars of three year olds are still dictated by mothers rather than the children themselves, otherwise Cade and Drew would surely find themselves cast out of the Smyrna Toddler Society Circles.

Cute story - yesterday Drew woke up from his nap really crabby - he's not really a morning (or late afternoon) person and is a giant meanie for about half an hour after he gets up in the morning or from naps. Anyway, he's fussing and complaining as Aaron carried him downstairs and the minute he caught a glimpse of Cade in the living room, he pointed and said, "There he is!" and his whole face lit up. Cade returned the greeting and all was right in the universe again.

Right now they have two favorite games - Little People (of the Fisher Price Variety) and cars (of the Matchbox variety). They will actually entertain themselves for such a great length of time that lately I have started feeling guilty for how little parenting I am required to do. Those of you who have just joined the secret society of Moms Parenting Two Under Two - take heart! In just two years it will all be worth it!

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Barbara said...

Having had three children spaced well apart, I applaud all those Moms with kids close together trying to find a rational reason to confince the rest of us how great it is to have two kids in diapers at once. I'm not sure but that seems like a lot of money going to Kimberly Clark or whoever makes diapers all at one time.